Residential Use:

Only one single family residence and one smaller guest cottage, along with garages and outbuildings can be constructed per lot. All homes must be on a permanent foundation. All outbuildings must be finished under the same requirements as a finished single family residence. Said residential building and or guest cottage may be used as a Bed and Breakfast or rental. No other commercial business, i.e., repair shop, manufacturing, etc. shall be conducted on any tract; however, an owner may have a home office, if it does not increase the servitude of the road rights of way.

No lot may be subdivided. No structure may be erected closer than 35 feet from the edge of any road right of way, or 10 feet from any side or back property line, except any party who purchases adjacent lots may disregard the common property lines.

No single wide or double wide mobile homes are permitted. No car, bus, truck or camper may be used as a permanent dwelling, residence or storage structure, but these restrictions are not intended to prevent an Owner from coming to the property seasonally and spending a short period of time camping, using a motor home, or a camper as a shelter. Camping and recreational vehicles, large trucks, busses, boats, trailers, and other large vehicles not in regular use shall not be parked in public view for longer than a week without special permission from the Declarant or Homeowners’ Association. If camping and recreational vehicles, large trucks, busses, boats, trailers, and other large vehicles are located on a lot within this subdivision, they must be parked inside an enclosed garage or outbuilding so as to not be in public view.

All buildings shall be maintained in good order and meet any applicable codes and all lots and structures are to be well kept and maintained. Property shall be maintained free of garbage and junk. Trash, garbage or other waste shall be kept in sanitary containers. No unlicensed motor vehicles may be stored upon said lot at any time, except inside enclosed buildings.

All residential units, garages and outbuildings shall be constructed of siding of either natural wood, log, or stone (no manufactured siding). No residential buildings may consist of a metal frame. In the event that the wood siding is painted, said paint shall be of a natural tone, to be approved by the Declarant or Homeowners’ Association. The primary residential unit must be a minimum ground floor living space of 750 square feet, excluding porches and overhangs.

All structural plans are to be reviewed by the Declarant or Homeowners’ Association thirty days prior to any anticipated construction. The Declarant or Homeowners’ Association shall have a period of twenty days to review the plans and to issue either a certificate of approval or denial.

All residential units shall have a minimum of four to twelve pitch roof, the four to twelve pitch roof conditions shall not apply to outbuildings.